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High School Punter Training - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com


"The National Camp Series is the Supreme event for high school specialists to display their abilities in front of college coaches. The format is fair and unbiased and how you perform when your name is called is all that matters. The National Camp Series is by far the best avenue for you to get the attention your skills deserve."
- Mat McBriar, NFL Punter, Dallas Cowboys

"I love the National Camp Series format. Its all about performance. So many high school specialists just don't get a chance to showcase their talents during a high school season. However, with the NCS, specialists now have a place to show what they can do under pressure. The uniform format allows college coaches to compare apples to apples. The NCS levels the recruiting playing field. It doesn't matter who you train with or what high school you attend. All that matters is how you perform when its your turn."
- Billy Cundiff, NFL Kicker

"Michael, I had spoken with you after the National finals about my son who hadn't punted much in high school but had done well at the NCS kicking events. He had planned on going to prep school the following year. Well after the NCS Super Camp we sent out some e-mails to schools that he liked telling them he had done well in competition and asking if they might be interested in him. In the next month he was invited to visit multiple D-1 schools. After college spring football one major conference school pulled him out of class so they could ask him to speak with him. He said it was pretty cool for a back up punter from a small town. Anyway he chose his school based on the coach and the academic fit for him.The National Camp Series got colleges to take a hard look at my son and without a doubt gave him the opportunity to play at the next level." - Thanks, Bill Fritz, parent from Pittsburgh

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all you have done to teach and challenge our son Matt. The NCS program has had a very strong impact on Matt. The combination of competition and instruction have helped shape Matt as the kicker/punter he is today. Each event has special meaning to Matt and our family. We always benefited from our participation. As I look back I appreciate the fact that at each event we were exposed to great new drills and workouts. Most of all I will remember the long lasting friendships that were started at NCS. Matt stays in close touch with the young men that compete and the coaches that lead the competitions. Each one of them are men of character that collectively had a strong impact on Matt as a young man and a Kicker. Kickers/Punters are a unique group of athletes and having the opportunity to gather 3-4 times a year is crucial to their success. Matt was blessed to have the opportunity to continue his career and kick at the next level for Hillsdale College. He would not have gotten there without NCS."
- David, parent from Cincinatti

"Our experience with the National Combine Series was nothing short of amazing. It started in a city in our state, then Dallas, Texas and culminated at the finals in Tampa, Florida. My son learned valuable techniques that enhanced his skill, but also made many friends along the way in an atmosphere of healthy competition. Former NFL kickers and punters reached out to him and helped him secure a chance to play football this fall at his favorite university. I am convinced this would not have happened if it were not for the exposure and reputation of the National Combine Series. Thank you for everything.
-Greg Brasher, parent from Edmond, Oklahoma

"My son, participated in the National Camp Series last year in Orange County, Denver and then in Houston last January. He has continued to improve and was offered a position with the University of Wyoming Cowboys, where he'll be attending two-a-days on August 5th. The coaching, exposure and the competitive experience the Camp Series provided was more valuable in preparing Ian for the next level than any of his actual football games. We both appreciate everything that you and all the coaches offered."
- Bob, parent from Pennsylvania

"I truly believe that the NCS events that Ty now has participated in and will continue to with the "National Camp Series Events" has played a key role in his development physically and mentally and prepared him for what he is now experiencing. His love for competition and the format that the Camp Series presents allows him and other athletes to constantly test themselves with some of the best specialist around the country.Thank you!"
- Gary, parent from Atlanta

"You deserve immediate and boisterous thanks from everyone of us parents and kids. We have been going to camps, in San Diego and out to Las Vegas. We've had family friends and professional colleagues who've played NCAA football help us in the process. However, none of them can hold a candle to the value your enterprise brings. The only way a kid can measure himself on a national stage is thru the National Camp Series. We believe that starting with WestCoastKicking's competent nurturing, up to your proper exposing of talent, our son has been given the final piece he needs to succeed at the collegiate level. Without your platform, we would have been a rudderless ship, drifting from college to college with only our game highlight DVD. You've given us an independent measure to which we can point scouts."
- Paul, parent from Southern California

"I want to tell you how impressed I was with this year's finals. I thought it went very well. Your group did a great job getting everything organized. The thing that most impressed me is the classy way you took care of all your associate coaches. You went the extra mile to show your appreciation, and did so many things for all of us. I know that is who you are and I want you to know how much I appreciate all the things you did. Also, allowing my sons to participate is something special for myself, and them. The experience was especially beneficial to both of them. Tyler told me today how much he learned this weekend, and how it really raised his confidence level. Nick had a great time, and thoroughly loved competing. We all extend our thanks for everything Michael."
- Tom Feely, Feely Kicking School, Tampa, Florida

"What an experience for our son Matt. He learned so much, and has not stopped talking about the experience. You put together a wonderful combine for all who participated. The coaches were just awesome!! I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to provide words of wisdom to our son in the stadium on Saturday. You somehow put the brakes on all you were managing to sit down with Matt and give him personalized advice. Matt is very dedicated to his sport, and soaks in any and all advice. Many thanks for taking the time to work with Matt! We will look forward to seeing you again soon!"
- David Eltringham, parent, Loveland, Ohio

"I wanted to take the time now to tell you how much we, and more importantly, Cameron enjoyed the Finals in Houston. I enjoyed chatting with you briefly Sunday. The Finals were well planned and organized.
- Chris Frosch, Dallas, Texas

"I just wanted to tell you that Jordan and I had a really great weekend at the Super Camp. You all did a really great job pulling everything together - it was a really great time!"
- Laura Burton, Austin, Texas

"Very impressed with the Super Camp and staff any chance I get I will refer your organization."
- Randy Morrow, Phoenix, Arizona

"We just wanted to thank you again for everything. The event ran very smoothly. The talent level also continues to go up with each passing year."
- Tracy Zaccario, Tampa, Florida

"It was an awesome experience and your team did a first rate job. We look forward to the next one."
- Sharon Shuttleworth, Boca Raton, Florida

"Thanks, we had a real good experience at the finals in Houston. Well run, organized and great staff. Thanks."
- Bill Goulding, Naples, Florida

"I am writing to say thanks to you for putting on the Super Camp. I believe that Kyle's participation in that event was instrumental in helping him land this scholarship. Both the regional and the final events that Kyle attended were well run and well organized. Kyle enjoyed participating in the National Camp Series, and he did very well there too. I would recommend your event to anyone looking for advice on what kicking/punting events to send their child to. I also want to thank you for giving Kyle a good reference to Southern Illinois at the AFCA convention. The Southern Illinois coaches that saw you even said something to us about what you told them about Kyle's skills."
- Dennis Dougherty, parent from Florida

"I wanted to inform you that Chris Pousson has accepted a scholarship offer from USC as their snapper, and starts on June 30th. We are thrilled at his accomplishment and credit the San Diego School of Football and the National Camp Series as contributing factors in his success. Thanks for your help!"
- Grace Pousson, parent San Diego

"I wanted to let you know how much your program has meant to me over the past year. The opportunity to show my talent and compete against the top kickers and punters in the nation has proved to be very valuable to me. Not only did it give me a feel for my talent but it also motivated me. I have been selected to kick for the Texas All-Stars vs. the Oklahoma All-Stars in the 70th annual Oil Bowl this summer. I recently committed to play for the University of North Texas. I feel that I will always be indebted to you and your program for whatever success that I have in the future."
- Player's name with held due to NCAA regulations.


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NCS Super Camp
February 16-17 2019


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High School Punter Training - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com