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NCS - Snapper Rating

KIX rating system


The NCS Long Snapper Rating system is based upon High School, NCAA, and NFL long snapper statistics and game play along with what Coaches expect to see out of their starting long snapper. Each athlete that attends an National Camp Series event will be filmed and put through our official NCS Snapper Charting by the hosting NCS Associate. This film will then be sent to Coach Kyle Stelter of Special Teams University who will personally time, chart, and rate every single long snapper. When evaluating long snappers, consistency is key, Coach Stelter has been coaching some of the top long snappers in the nation at every level as well as consulting with NCAA and NFL coaches to develop the current NCS Snapper Rating System.

The NCS Snapper Rating System consists of 10 Punt Snaps and 8 PAT/FG snaps which include blocking and releasing down field, it will also include a 40 yard dash, a 5-10-5 drill, and L-Drill.

The athletic testing will not count for or against a long snapper's star rating but will simply be presented to collegiate coaches to take into consideration. To determine a long snapper's rating we use a system of averages based on snap speed, and snap location. Unlike kickers, there are other variables that come into play when determining if a long snapper is D1 ready or not. Based on the long snapper's speed and accuracy average, a final rating will be given based on the official averages and taking into account variables such as wobbly snaps, hitches, and perfect laces. We will NOT be using the height and weight of a snapper to determine their star rating. Some collegiate coaches may have opinions on what size they would like their athlete to be, we will present that information in the athlete's profile but it will not help or hurt their star rating.

To determine the star rating, we use the following scale:

NCS Snapper AVG NCS Snapper Star Rating What the Star Rating Means
  4.66 > = 5 Full Ride Scholarship/True Freshman Starter
4.30-4.65 = 4 1/2 PWO or Scholarship/Redshirt Freshman Starter/FCS Starter
3.66-4.29 = 4 PWO Opportunity/Redshirt Junior Starter
3.30-3.65 = 3 1/2 Walk On/D2-D3 Prospect
2.66-3.29 = 3 D2-D3 Prospect
< 2.65 = 2 1/2 Beginner

For example, if someone has a NCS Static Rating of 4.875 and a Snap-N-Block Rating of 4.667, they would average out with a NCS Snapper Average of 4.771 which, abiding to the algorithm, would give the long snapper an NCS Snapper Rating of 5 Stars. We feel strongly that a true freshman full-ride scholarship worthy long snapper must be consistent. Any snapper can have a good session, but it takes great talent to repeat that performance from test to test. The importance of attending a 2nd event is crucial to show the consistency and readiness for a live game scenario. That is what NCAA/NFL coaches are looking for from a long snapper.



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