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  High School Kicker Rating - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

player ratings

The National Camp Series uses the KIX (Kicking IndeX) Player Rating System to rate athletes. A KIX Player Rating is assigned once the KIX system compares the most current NCS kicking camp results - for Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping - with similar data obtained from previous NCS events.

Graduation Year: <<  2017 | 2018 | 2019  >> | JUCO


Only players who have participated in an NCS event within the past year (15 months) are shown below
** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

JUCO Player Ratings


Name Rating State Coach College
BRYCE ST.CLAIR  96 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
JORDAN BAUMGART  92** UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
QUINN SKILLIN  92 CA Husted Kicking    
TAYLOR WALLCE  87 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
ABRAHM NUNEZ  85 CA Kevin Goessling Kicking    
CASEY GRIFFITH  79** MS Team Jackson Kicking    
JESUS VALENZUELA  72 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
NELS HALTOM  72 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
SHUNSUKE MIYAKE  67** Other    
ZACH SLUSHER  67 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
DRAKE PACE  62** MS Team Jackson Kicking    
ROSS BARKER  62 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
TYLER FLATHAU  62 MS Team Jackson Kicking   MGCCC (MS) 
JORDAN BAUMGART  60 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
GRIFFIN SUBLETT  58 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
DOMINIC YOUNG   56 CA Vezina Kicking Dynamics    
CONNOR COLES  48 MT Lifetime Kicking Academy   Utah State University* 
ISAAC STADLER  46 MN Special Teams FB Academy    
ADRIAN SALDANA  43 CA Vezina Kicking Dynamics   Cerritos College* 
KOBY OWENS  36 MT ProForm Kicking Academy    
MARK RIDNOUER  35 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
GABRIEL DUNKLE  33 CA Vezina Kicking Dynamics   Univeristy of New Mexico 
KYLE BABCOCK  33** CA Husted Kicking    
ALAN PENVERNE  27** QC Denis Boisclair Kicking School    
TYLER LIGHTBODY  27** WA ProForm Kicking Academy   Trinity Bible College 
JAMES JACOBS  24** KS Lifetime Kicking Academy    
HAYDEN HAWK  22 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
ALEX BROWN  15** NC Lifetime Kicking Academy    
CAMERON KEYVANI  10 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
JOEY KLUCEWICH  1** ID Lifetime Kicking Academy    




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