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Caitlyn Cox

FG Rating: 34**

[2.5/5 stars]

KO Rating: 18**

[2.5/5 stars]


Division: Senior
Graduation: 2016
State: OK Kicking Foot: Right

Coach: Brian Jackson
Team Jackson Kicking


What the coaches have to say:

"Caitlyn already had a nice football kicking resume heading into our April 2015 camp in Arkansas. She showed why she is ranked in the top 20 of Max Preps for Scoring Kickers in the state of Oklahoma, as she went a strong 8/10 on Field Goals with her only misses being from 47 and 52 yards, all off the 1 inch tee. She has a great striking of the sweet spot and has a quick leg. Very good progression on kickoffs. Caitlyn has a lot of potential and can play at the next level. Keep working hard!"

** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

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Little Rock
Made/Total: 7/10
Points: 180
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 52.60
Hang Time: 3.06
Points: 416
Tee: 1"
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Caitlyn Cox - Competition Event Stats - National Camp Series - Sponsored by