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Arthur Angelo - Competition Event Stats - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

Arthur Angelo

FG Rating: 43**

[2.5/5 stars]

KO Rating: 27**

[2.5/5 stars]

Punt Rating: 2**

[2.5/5 stars]

Division: Junior Height: 5-7
Graduation: 2019
Weight: 146 lbs.
State: TX Kicking Foot: Right
Coach: Nick Gatto
4th and 10, Kicking and Punting

What the coaches have to say:

"Strong kid for a tiny frame. has come a long way in 6 months. he hits a solid high ball on fg. on ko he hits a good rotation and ball carries well. needs to get stronger and gain weight. ko needs to get more hang time and just needs to work basics on punt."

Event Competition Results

  • 1st Place Upperclassman FGs - Houston 8/5/2017
  • 2nd Place Upperclassman Punting - Houston 8/5/2017
  • 1st Place Upperclassman KOs - Houston 8/5/2017
** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

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Made/Total: 7/10
Points: 190
Tee: 1/2"
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Avg: 53.74
Hang Time: 3.19
Points: 428*
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 26.38
Hang Time: 3.04
Points: 511*
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* Kicking IndeX Adjusted

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NCS Super Camp
February 16-17 2019


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Arthur Angelo - Competition Event Stats - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com