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event information

2012  Regional Event
Evaluation Only

North Central Region
St. Paul, MN

"The coaching, exposure and the competitive experience the Camp Series provided was more valuable in preparing Ian for the next level than any of his actual football games. We both appreciate everything that you and all the coaches offered."
- Bob, parent from Pennsylvania

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The National Camp Series is an objective evaluation platform that is hosted by a network of expert kicking coaches. The National Camp Series (NCS) KIX Player Ratings System utilizes over six years of historical event data to determine a kickers rankings by cross-referencing player data to determine how the athletes stack up against others, both presently and historically.

Each regional event is a half day event that will consist of charting for field goals, kickoffs, punts and long snapping for ranking purposes.

There will be a last man standing competition with an Upper Classmen Division and Under Classmen Division in each of the skills. Each skills winner in each division will win custom NCS medals. As well, for each regional event, competition winners and top performers will be recognized through press releases, blogs and emails to all College Coaches.

The Kicking Game is 90% mental. "Can YOU do it when the pressure is on?" The biggest difference between being successful at each level is the ability to perform when it counts the most. The Kicking Game has become so important over the last couple of years, that there is great emphasis on specialists to perform on a consistent basis.

Whether you are a Kicker, Punter or Long Snapper, our National Camp Series, developed by NFL Players, provide specialists the opportunity to:

  • An official evaluation using our objective Kicking Index Player Rating System
  • Meet local high quality kicking game coaches
  • Learn how to perform under pressure
  • See how you stack up against others across the country
  • Demonstrate to colleges your ability to play at the next level
  • Receive video from the official NCS chart evaluation
  • Prepare for a successful career

All participants will receive a FREE online NCS Player Profile

Camp Details

Date: 6/24/2012

St Thomas Academy
955 Lake Drive
Eagan, MN 55120

Camp Director:
Special Teams FB Academy
Chris Husby
Special Teams FB Academy

Kicker/Punter Price: $175

Long Snapper Price: $200

Field Surface: Field Turf

Additional Notes/Information about this Event

Evaluation Only.

Check in at: 10:30am.

Camp is 11:00am - 4pm.

Order of Evaluation: Field Goals, Kick offs, Punts. Snappers Chart as Kickers Chart.

***FREE 90 minute clinic to follow for NCS participants. (Starts around 1:00 PM or soon after Evaluation completes)

For more information or to Attend the "Clinic Only" please email CoachHusby@gmail.com

There is some construction going on at the school so give yourself plenty of time to arrive and find the field.

The following are items we encourage all athletes to bring to the camp.

1. Cleats or low top kicking shoe.

2. 1-3 footballs- with your name or marking on it.

3. A field goal stand and/or kick off tee (if applicable)- with your name or marking on it.

4. Water Bottle (we provide liquids at the camps).

5. Sun Screen.

6. Dry/Extra set of clothes in the event of changes in weather.

7. A good attitude and willingness to learn!

We also sell kicking products at our camps if you are in need of anything.

Note: Registration for any NCS camp remains open until day of camp. Walk ups are welcome!

Cancellation Policy: No Refunds will be issued in the event that a participant cannot attend an event. Participants can choose to transfer funds to a new camp or funds will be forfeited.




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