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The Kickers' Zone

Contact: Marc Nolan
Phone: 678-200-7540
Headquarters: Woodstock, GA

Marc is the CEO of The and brings over 32 years of high-level playing and coaching experience in both Football and Soccer. Mr. Nolan is former collegiate D1 kicker/punter who attended The University of Notre Dame, played was a walk-on punter with the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League in 1978, and played semi-pro soccer with The New Jersey Americans.

As the longest active football kicking coach starting in 1981 he has been called “The punting coach’s coach” and was the first kicking coach to incorporate video and video analysis in his lessons. He also designed the first software biomechanical application for kickers/punters software to allow instant feedback on the field and in the classroom setting.

Throughout the years he has worked with over 500- HS and College Kickers throughout the US and is a certified Community Coach and trainer with the Georgia High School Athletic Association. He has trained in private year long lessons over 52 kickers/punters obtain kicking scholarships at various D1 schools to include recent kickers/punters with The University of Notre Dame, The University of Georgia, Auburn University, The University of Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech University, Georgia State University, The Air Force Academy, Dartmouth University, West Virginia University, as well as several other DI and DII schools.

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