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Husted Kicking

Husted Kicking
Husted Kicking - Kicking High School Instruction - National Camp Series Associate Husted Kicking

Husted Kicking

Contact: Michael Husted
Phone: 888.702.0682
Headquarters: Solana Beach, CA

Michael is a retired 9 Year NFL Kicker who founded the National Camp Series. Michael attended the University of Virginia and Hampton High School.

Michael works with specialists at all levels and provides professional instruction and high level consultation through the recruiting process as well as strategic planning for professional prospects.

After not being highly recruited out of high school or drafted out of college, Michael knows what it takes to get from one level to the next through hard work and perseverance. Michael is also the founder of the National Camp Series.

Whether you are having private, one on one lessons, or small group lessons, Husted Kicking will ensure that your have a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals if you are just beginning to learn how to kick, punt or snap.

If you are looking for continued instruction, Husted Kicking can take your game to the next level with our expertise and experience.

Having knowledge and proper execution of kicking, punting or long snapping techniques is a vital part of success as a football specialist.

Attention to detail from Husted Kicking will allow us to quickly assess where you are as a specialist. Through on field sessions and on field film review, we will be able to refine or adjust your technique so that you can develop and improve your skills.

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