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  High School Nationwide Football Kicking Camp - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

all region team tournament

National Camp Series is proud to introduce its All Region Team Tournament. This tournament will take place during our annual Super Camp. Being selected to the All Region Team will provide you with an opportunity to compete, both as a team and individually, get additional instruction, manage pressure situations better, and increase your exposure to colleges.

You will have the opportunity to get nominated and selected to the All Region Team during our 2017 NCS Regional Events. Based on your performance at one or more of our regional events, the NCS Associate hosting the event will evaluate and submit his list for selection. The selection to the All Region Team will be made in early September. From the time the All Region Teams are announced, we will be promoting the teams:
  • On our NCS website
  • All of our NCS Associate websites
  • To all Colleges and Universities
  • On Facebook
  • On Twitter
  • To Media outlets such as:
    • ESPN
    • Scout
    • Rivals
    • Kicking.com
    • Local
During our annual Super Camp in January, you will compete with your team. Similar to the Olympics, while competing individually, you will receive points that will be totaled with the rest of your teammates. At the end of the Super Camp, we will announce and give awards out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Here are some of the benefits to being selected to the NCS All Region Team:

  • National Recognition
  • All Region Team Jersey for NCS Super Camp
  • Premium Listing on our NCS Website
  • Listing on Dedicated NCS All Region Facebook Page
  • Recruiting Consultation
  • Premium Exposure to Colleges
  • Featured article in NCS Newsletter
  • Interview by Kickology Blog
Do you have what it takes to be nominated to our All Region Team? Go ahead and prove it at one of our regional events...

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Name Grad Year Division State
WILL MICHAEL  2017  College   VA 
ROSS BARKER  2017  College   VA 
MERRICK SCHOLL  2017  College   VA 
EGAN ALSHESKIE  2017  College   VA 
DREW BARKER  2017  College   VA 
CHAD MITCHEL  2017  College   VA 
ALEX BROWN  2017  College   NC 
ADAM MEADE  2017  College   VA 
TRENT NEVILLE  2018  College   VA 
MASON HOLEMAN  2018  College   NC 
EVAN LOMAX  2018  College   VA 
DRAKE PALMER  2018  College   FL 
DANIEL BRABAW  2018  College   NC 
CODY CREED  2018  College   NC 
SHANNON LOWRY  2019  Varsity   VA 
JUSTIN DUENKEL  2019  Varsity   VA 
JASON STRICKER  2019  Varsity   NC 
COLE PARKS  2019  Varsity   VA 
EDWARD CZAPLICKI  2021  Freshman   NC 
CONNOR LYTTON  2021  Freshman   VA 


Name Grad Year Division State
ZACHARY OLSEN  2017  College   MN 
TYLER DEFOR  2017  College   MN 
SULEMAN BURROWS  2017  College   MO 
SAM VASCELLARO  2017  College   MN 
LANDON HENJUM  2017  College   MN 
KENNETH WATKINS  2017  College   MN 
JOHNNY HARTFIEL  2017  College   MN 
JOE ROGAN  2017  College   MO 
GRANT RYERSE  2017  College   MN 
DREW STALBOERGER  2017  College   MN 
CHASE SULLIVAN   2017  College   MN 
BRANDON LITCHTI  2017  College   AR 
BRAD HAMMEL  2017  College   MO 
BLAKE ANDERSON  2017  College   MN 
BENNETT FULSOM  2017  College   MO 
ARCHIE LOWE  2017  College   AR 
ALEX BRENNAN  2017  College   MN 
TYLER MURPHY  2018  College   MO 
TREYSEN NEAL  2018  College   MO 
SAVANNAH CURTIS   2018  College   WI 
PARKER GEFFRE  2018  College   SD 
NOAH SELB  2018  College   MN 
NOAH AUSTIN  2018  College   MO 
MYLES JOHNSON  2018  College   MN 
MATTHEW PLIESEIS  2018  College   MN 
MASON SCHWERZLER  2018  College   MN 
JAKE WALLMAN  2018  College   IN 
ANDY MAVENCAMP  2018  College   MN 
ANDERS DUNKEL  2018  College   MN 
ALEX BRILL  2018  College   IL 
TYLER LIEDKE  2019  Varsity   IL 
TREY CRESSMAN  2019  Varsity   MO 
RAYMOND MOSLEY  2019  Varsity   WI 
NATHAN WILLIS  2019  Varsity   MN 
MICHAEL CERNILGIA  2019  Varsity   WI 
MATEO MORA  2019  Varsity   WI 
KYLE LINDENFELSER  2019  Varsity   MN 
JOHN COPELAND  2019  Varsity   MN 
JACKSON DUNBAR  2019  Varsity   OH 
JACK THIBAULT  2019  Varsity   MN 
JACK MCKENZIE  2019  Varsity   MN 
GRANT HEGRENES  2019  Varsity   MN 
ETHAN KAISER  2019  Varsity   MO 
CJ DEAN  2019  Varsity   WI 
BROCK LEITHER  2019  Varsity   MN 
ANNA WEBSTER  2019  Varsity   OH 
ANDREW KEMPEN  2019  Varsity   MO 
WILL HOGUE  2020  JV   AR 


Name Grad Year Division State
THOMAS GRAVES  2017  College   NY 
RICHARD GLEASON  2017  College   NY 
LAWSON CASTALDO  2017  College   NY 
KYLE ELLIS  2017  College   NY 
JACOB TANGUAY  2017  College   ON 
BRYAN O'DONNELL  2017  College   MA 
BRAYDEN HERDIC  2017  College   NY 
BLAKE HAUBEIL  2017  College   NY 
BRIAN STRYBEL  2018  College   NY 
JOSH CLIFTON  2019  Varsity   NY 
JARED CAMPBELL  2019  Varsity   NY 
REED SUN  2020  JV   NY 
COLE BAKER  2020  JV   MA 
ALEX GIBSON  2021  Freshman   NY 


Name Grad Year Division State
ZACH WILLIAMS  2017  College   KY 
SERGIO YEPES  2017  College   AR 
SAM DOBBINS  2017  College   KS 
RYAN REID  2017  College   TX 
PHILIP HAWTHORNE  2017  College   TX 
PAYTON GRAY  2017  College   AL 
OLIVER MAJEWSKI  2017  College   FL 
NATHAN WARNER  2017  College   AR 
MACK MURPHY  2017  College   AL 
LOCKHART WEST  2017  College   TX 
JOSHUA HARTLEY  2017  College   LA 
JORGE MONDRAGON  2017  College   AR 
JONATHAN HALE  2017  College   OK 
JASON RONNEL  2017  College   AR 
JARED SACKETT  2017  College   TX 
HUNTER WELLS  2017  College   AL 
HUNTER MERREL  2017  College   FL 
HOLT KELLEY  2017  College   TX 
GRAYSON PANTALL  2017  College   TN 
GARY FULLEN  2017  College   TX 
GARRETT URBAN  2017  College   TX 
GABE HANTZ  2017  College   FL 
DAVID HEATON III  2017  College   TX 
DANIEL DEMARRA  2017  College   FL 
COLTON NORRIS  2017  College   FL 
COLE PHILLIPS  2017  College   GA 
CLAY DONAGHEY  2017  College   TX 
CARSON WYLD  2017  College   LA 
BRYCE JOWERS  2017  College   FL 
ANTHONY HULION  2017  College   FL 
AARON BROUSSARD  2017  College   LA 
WILL HERBST  2018  College   TX 
TREY WOLFF  2018  College   TX 
SETH BURKE  2018  College   AL 
RYAN HOTCHKISS  2018  College   TX 
NATHAN JOHNSON  2018  College   TX 
KORBIN SCHMIDT  2018  College   LA 
JOSE AGUILAR  2018  College   TX 
JOANLY MARTINEZ  2018  College   TX 
IBRAHIMA SYLLA  2018  College   AL 
GRANT BECKER  2018  College   TX 
CADE BAGGETT  2018  College   LA 
BRICE HONAKER  2018  College   TX 
ANDREW OSTEEN  2018  College   AL 
WHITMAN JACKSON  2019  Varsity   AL 
TRISTAN HEATON  2019  Varsity   TX 
TONY LOPEZ  2019  Varsity   TX 
TAYLOR PIPES  2019  Varsity   LA 
PARKER GILLAND  2019  Varsity   AL 
NOAH SHEETS  2019  Varsity   LA 
JOSH MCCOY  2019  Varsity   LA 
JACK MARTIN  2019  Varsity   AL 
GAVIN HAYZ CORDER  2019  Varsity   LA 
DYLAN ELLIS  2019  Varsity   TX 
CONNOR JACOBS  2019  Varsity   TX 
BRETT POPE  2019  Varsity   LA 
MATT SHEAHAN  2021  Freshman   AL 
CONNOR BRYAN  2021  Freshman   TX 


Name Grad Year Division State
ZANIEL PHILLIPS  2017  College   GA 
ZACHARY SWAFFORD  2017  College   TN 
WILLIAM MALLETTE  2017  College   MS 
TRISTAN MCCANN  2017  College   FL 
TREY WIGGINS  2017  College   GA 
TOMMY DUONG  2017  College   LA 
TODD NIXON  2017  College   None 
THOMAS CHAPPEL  2017  College   GA 
SHELBY CREEL  2017  College   LA 
SETH RUGG  2017  College   MS 
SETH DOVER  2017  College   SC 
SERGIO HERNANDEZ  2017  College   FL 
SAMUEL COX  2017  College   MS 
SAMUEL CLEMENT  2017  College   FL 
RYAN SPRINGER  2017  College   FL 
ROSS PARKER  2017  College   GA 
RAYMOND FREEMAN  2017  College   FL 
PEYTON LEDBETTER  2017  College   FL 
PEYTON GARDNER  2017  College   TN 
PEYTON ARNOLD  2017  College   MS 
PAUL BOUDREAUX  2017  College   LA 
NICHOLAS GUZMAN  2017  College   FL 
MATTHEW POSS  2017  College   TN 
MATTHEW COCHRAN  2017  College   FL 
MASON DILLARD  2017  College   AL 
MARK ROBINO  2017  College   FL 
LUKE MCMILLAN  2017  College   FL 
LOU WOOD  2017  College   GA 
KYLE PIERCE  2017  College   FL 
KIPLING LEWIS  2017  College   SC 
KEATON WARE  2017  College   MS 
KAREEM MEHRAB  2017  College   FL 
JOSHUA SPRINGLE  2017  College   FL 
JOSH HAWBOLDT  2017  College   LA 
JOSEPH FISHER  2017  College   FL 
JACOB STAFFORD  2017  College   WV 
JACOB RUBENSTEIN  2017  College   FL 
JACOB ENNS  2017  College   FL 
HAYDEN HAWK  2017  College   MS 
GUNAR ROBINSON  2017  College   MS 
GRANT GOUPIL  2017  College   FL 
FRANKIE ONATE  2017  College   FL 
EVAN LEGASSEY  2017  College   FL 
DIEGO MARTINEZ  2017  College   AL 
CRAIG WALKER  2017  College   LA 
CLAYTON HOWELL  2017  College   NC 
CLARK WIGGINS  2017  College   GA 
CJ ANDERSON  2017  College   LA 
CHRIS HOWARD  2017  College   FL 
CHAZ CANNON  2017  College   FL 
CALEB ANDERSON  2017  College   SC 
CADE PERRIN  2017  College   MS 
BRYCE BAILEY  2017  College   LA 
BRANDON BARNES  2017  College   FL 
BRADLEY HARRIS  2017  College   AL 
BEN WALLACE  2017  College   IL 
BEN SMITH  2017  College   LA 
BEAU JOHNSON  2017  College   MS 
BAILEY THIBODEAUX  2017  College   LA 
AUSTIN JACOB  2017  College   LA 
AUSTIN GALBRAITH  2017  College   FL 
ANTHONY DARIO  2017  College   FL 
ANDREW SPEIGHTS  2017  College   MS 
ANDREW CRIBBS  2017  College   GA 
ALEX USRY  2017  College   GA 
ALEX BOLLINGER  2017  College   LA 
TRENT COLEMAN  2018  College   MS 
TANNER MAY  2018  College   MS 
TANNER HILL  2018  College   TX 
SERGIO ALVAREZ JR  2018  College   AL 
SEAN GOMEZ  2018  College   MS 
SCOTT GOODMAN  2018  College   MS 
RYAN LINDSEY  2018  College   MS 
RILEY ROBBINS  2018  College   FL 
PETER WALKER  2018  College   GA 
NICOLAS GLEATON  2018  College   FL 
MITCHELL FINERAN  2018  College   GA 
KYLE MORGIGNO  2018  College   MS 
KALEB MOSLEY  2018  College   AL 
JOSH SMITH  2018  College   MS 
JONATHAN MOSS  2018  College   MS 
JONATHAN CRUZ  2018  College   GA 
JAKE KARESH  2018  College   GA 
JACKSON SPRADLIN  2018  College   AL 
HUNTER TORJUSEN  2018  College   MS 
HUNTER HOWARD  2018  College   MS 
HILL TURNER  2018  College   GA 
HAYDEN CALICO  2018  College   LA 
GREG DAWKINS  2018  College   AL 
EVAN MCPHERSON  2018  College   AL 
ELLIOTT NOLAN  2018  College   MS 
EDGAR MORA  2018  College   FL 
CULLEN COLLINS  2018  College   GA 
COLE STARR  2018  College   AL 
COLE CANSECO  2018  College   TX 
CLAY JAMES  2018  College   FL 
CARLOS RODRIGUEZ  2018  College   FL 
CAM WALKER  2018  College   FL 
BRETT BURTON  2018  College   MS 
BRAZOS WEBB  2018  College   MS 
BRADY GROCE  2018  College   MS 
BLAKE GREEN  2018  College   GA 
AUSTIN LADNER  2018  College   MS 
AUSTIN CREWS  2018  College   GA 
MATTHEW QUINN  2019  Varsity   AL 
MATT STAFFIERI  2019  Varsity   AL 
HENRY BECKETT  2019  Varsity   AL 
GARIN BONIOL  2019  Varsity   MS 
FRANK MELGAREJO  2019  Varsity   FL 
EVAN PASSATH  2019  Varsity   FL 
DAWSON CUDD  2019  Varsity   MS 
CONNOR CUNNINGHAM  2019  Varsity   FL 
CADE DAVIS  2019  Varsity   MS 
ALEX PETRUZZELLO  2019  Varsity   FL 
ALAN KERVIN  2019  Varsity   FL 
AIDAN SWANSON  2019  Varsity   FL 
JACK CARR  2020  JV   MS 
ETHAN JETT  2020  JV   AL 
CHAD TOONE   2020  JV   SC 
CHRISTOPHER CORREA  2021  Freshman   FL 
CHANDLER VAN  2021  Freshman   LA 
WILL BETTRIDGE  2022  Middle   FL 
CONNOR WRIGHT  2022  Middle   AL 


Name Grad Year Division State
ZETH FOSTER  2017  College   ID 
ZANE NICHOLS  2017  College   CO 
ZACK SAROS  2017  College   CA 
ZACH CAHILL  2017  College   ID 
WYATT TUCKER  2017  College   CA 
TYLER MOWER  2017  College   CO 
TYLER KEATON  2017  College   OR 
TREVOR PEACOCK  2017  College   CA 
STEVIE GREEN  2017  College   CO 
SHAWN MCMINN  2017  College   CA 
SEAN SILK  2017  College   AK 
SCOTT MCKIRDY  2017  College   CA 
RYKER YOUNGS  2017  College   CO 
NICK ROBB  2017  College   CO 
MATTHEW BUELL   2017  College   CA 
MARIO GUEVARA  2017  College   CO 
MANNY BERZ  2017  College   CA 
JONATHAN ESCOBAR  2017  College   CA 
JOEY MATSEN  2017  College   UT 
JOEY KLUCEWICH  2017  College   ID 
JASON MARGO  2017  College   CO 
JASON ARAGON  2017  College   CO 
JAKE ZIMMERMAN  2017  College   CA 
JAKE BORCHARD  2017  College   CO 
JACOB MOREY  2017  College   AK 
JACOB BYRNE  2017  College   MT 
JACKSON WALKER  2017  College   UT 
JACK WHALEN  2017  College   CO 
JACK WHALEN  2017  College   CO 
IVAN THOMAS  2017  College   CO 
HAYDEN GRANGE  2017  College   UT 
EVAN PRICE  2017  College   CO 
EVAN PADILLA  2017  College   CA 
EASTON HARTMAN  2017  College   CO 
DYLAN BENSON  2017  College   CO 
DREW SCHMID  2017  College   CA 
DANIEL WORST  2017  College   CO 
DANIEL IGLESIAS  2017  College   CO 
CONAIRE SHAFFER  2017  College   WA 
COLBY BALLARD  2017  College   UT 
CARSON REED  2017  College   AK 
BRENDON MORTON  2017  College   WA 
BRANDON WAGNER  2017  College   CA 
BEN RAYBON  2017  College   CO 
BAILEY SCHROEDER  2017  College   CA 
AJ JOHNK  2017  College   OR 
ABRAHM NUNEZ  2017  College   CA 
ZACH SURVILLAS  2018  College   CA 
THOMAS HALL  2018  College   CO 
SPENCER GORDON  2018  College   MT 
SEPPL ORTMAN  2018  College   CA 
SAM SMART  2018  College   WY 
RYAN SCHMAD  2018  College   CO 
RJ MARTINEZ  2018  College   CO 
RANDY LUDWIG  2018  College   CA 
PATRICK O'BEIRNE  2018  College   CA 
PATRICK BAZZI  2018  College   CA 
MITCH KRIVAN  2018  College   NV 
MATTHEW ARAIZA  2018  College   CA 
MASON MCELROY  2018  College   CA 
MAGNUS WATTLES  2018  College   ID 
LUIS HERNANDEZ  2018  College   AZ 
JOSH BOLES  2018  College   CO 
JAKE HAGGARD   2018  College   CA 
ISAAC POWER  2018  College   CO 
GRAY PAHOLKE  2018  College   NV 
DONOVAN MURPHREE  2018  College   CO 
DONOVAN ARTHUR  2018  College   None 
CODY GAGNON  2018  College   MT 
BROCK MURPHY  2018  College   CO 
BRENT HEWITT  2018  College   CA 
ABDELL BALLIN  2018  College   CA 
WILL FERRIN  2019  Varsity   UT 
SEAN ROBERTS  2019  Varsity   CO 
RYAN SANBORN  2019  Varsity   CA 
NOAH KARWACKI  2019  Varsity   CO 
LANDON WELLS  2019  Varsity   UT 
LANDON RUIZ-DIAZ  2019  Varsity   CO 
KEN BAIERI  2019  Varsity   CA 
JAXEN MESKIMEN  2019  Varsity   AZ 
JACK BOSMAN   2019  Varsity   CA 
ISIAH HARRIS  2019  Varsity   AZ 
ISAIAH MORIN-BAXTER  2019  Varsity   SD 
CONNOR DORITY  2019  Varsity   UT 
COLE BECK  2019  Varsity   AZ 
BRYSON CHALFANT  2019  Varsity   AZ 
BRANDON RAGSDALE  2019  Varsity   OR 
ANDREW KEMPEN  2019  Varsity   CO 
ALEX SEYMOUR  2019  Varsity   CO 
AIDEN KNELLER  2019  Varsity   CO 
OLIVER PADILLA  2021  Freshman   CA 
DANTE WELLS  2021  Freshman   UT 
LOGAN SOUTH  2022  Middle   CA 
HERBIE BARBER IV  2023  Unknown   CA 


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